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We believe everyone deserves to feel their best, and our holistic healing in Edmonton can help you achieve that. By addressing physical, mental, and spiritual issues, our program empowers individuals to take control of their health and find lasting wellness. With our expert guidance, natural approach and supportive community, you can finally break free from frustration and dissatisfaction with your health.

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With this tool, you can identify your frustrations and dissatisfaction with the medical system and explore the benefits of a holistic health program. Our comprehensive approach addresses physical, mental, and spiritual issues and includes expert guidance and a supportive community to help you take control of your health and find mind, body, and soul healing.

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Owl's Nest of Ancient Wisdom helps you get out of your head and your fears allowing you to find lasting relief

Break Free from Fear and Address the Root Causes of Your Symptoms – Find Lasting Relief and Wellness

One of the critical benefits of soul-mind-body medicine is that it helps you get out of your head and your fears, allowing you to address the root causes of your symptoms and find lasting relief. By exploring the underlying emotional and psychological factors contributing to your physical symptoms, you will gain a deeper understanding of your condition and develop the tools you need to find lasting healing and well-being.

Working with Summer and the process of INside-OWT can only be summed up in one way; it's transformational. When I came to see Summer for the first time in September 2007, I was pretty deep in a valley of burnout from personal and professional stress. Unable to work, I was exhausted emotionally and physically, and this was my last ditch attempt to find something to alleviate my symptoms. Summer immediately helped me explore my physical and emotional symptoms because she knew the answers to regaining my health were buried there. Together we not only addressed my current issues but found some long-hidden, deeply rooted past events, including early childhood emotional and sexual abuse, negative belief systems, low self-esteem/image, depressive feelings and dysfunctional relationship systems. Not only did she help me identify these issues, she also taught me how to process and integrate them into the totality of my being.

Leah Main

Learn To Heal Yourself And Unlock Your Potential!

Soul-Mind-Body Medicine, You Can Turn Your Illness Into A Chance To Grow. Find Out What It Means To Be Alive With Purpose And Meaning.

Learn to heal yourself and unlock your potential with our Soul-Mind-Body Medicine Therapy in Edmonton

Another essential benefit of soul-mind-body medicine is that it empowers you, the ‘patient’ or ‘victim’ of dis-ease, to see your condition as an opportunity for conscious evolution and spiritual discernment. This process can help set the stage for a new life of meaning and purpose, as you can use your experiences with illness to grow and evolve on a personal level.

Through Summer, I learned that trouble with eyesight can be a result of stress and emotional trauma, which fit the timeline both for my childhood vision troubles and the recent onset of other symptoms. She indicated her INside-OWT program would be appropriate for me, and we began to work with some inner work that dealt with the trauma I had experienced alongside gentle eye muscle training (tools and exercises).

Through her, I have learned to listen to and trust what my body and inner self have to say. I feel at home in my own body and life. My eye very quickly strengthened, and I can see with both vision fields and wear glasses less. I also wear a lower prescription than I had originally. The tension around my eye is gone. I found Summer to be knowledgeable, authentic, and so warmly compassionate and supportive as she guided me in learning to trust and listen to my inner self.

Naomi R., Edmonton

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Take Control Of Your Health, Break Away From Unhealthy Habits And Patterns Of Behaviour Passed Down Through Generations And Leave A Lasting Legacy Of Love And Transformation through life-transformative education

Another key benefit of the mind-body approach is that it can help you shift toxic generational patterns to help you discover a new perspective and how to look inside yourself. This process can help you break free from harmful patterns of behaviour and thought that may have been passed down to you and help you create a legacy of love and positive change.

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Summer worked with me during the birth of my daughter. Because of an abruption of the placenta and internal bleeding, the doctors pressured me to agree to an induction. I wanted to avoid the induction, but active labour hadn’t started on its' own.

I felt something was holding me back from full engagement in the birthing process and I felt fearful about being in the hospital. Summer guided me to trust the process of my body and mind. Through her process of INside-OWT, I was able to identify my underlying feelings of unworthiness in becoming a mother. This triggered an emotional and energetic release for me which I could feel in my lower back.

After this, and despite pressure from the doctor, I asked to delay the induction further. After a short nap, just 2-3 hours after our session, my water broke and labour started naturally! Eight hours later, our completely healthy baby came into this world without any medical intervention. I would highly recommend Summer and the work of INside-OWT to anyone who is searching to heal themselves from the inside-out, who is ready to get to the root causes of their symptoms, and who strives to live life to the fullest

Christiane Panesar. C.H.N.C Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant

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If you are living with a chronic or complex condition, it is not uncommon to feel frustrated or dissatisfied with the medical system. Perhaps your symptoms are not improving, or you feel like you are not being heard or understood by your healthcare providers.


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